Ral Donner Japan Discography


JC1 2015 (August) Let itRock! CD Warner Music Group WPCR-16667.............Takin’ Care Of Business

1. Turn Back The Clock (version 2) 2. I Didn’t Figure On Him 3. Lonely Star (version 1) 4. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got 5. With You Now 6. Nine Times Out Of Ten 7. I Don’t Need You 8. School Of Heartbreakers (version 1) 9. Please Don’t Go 10. She’s My Baby 11. Girl Of My Best Friend 12. Your Skies Of Blue 13. For Love Nor Money 14. Pray For Me

Available on eBay (mainly from Japanese dealers). An exact replica of the 1961 USA Gone LP but with superior sound!