Ral Donner Australia Discography (not a complete listing - updates will be made when additional information obtained)


A1 91961 Viking VS-53.... .... ...Girl Of My Best Friend / It’s Been A Long Long Time

A2 91961 Parlophone A8047 ... You Don’t Know What You’ve Got / So Close To Heaven
... ... (New Zealand on Parlophone NZP 3116)

A3 91961 Parlophone A8058 ... She’s Everything / Will You Love Me In Heaven

A4 91962 Parlophone A80?? ... To Love Someone/ Will You Love Me In Heaven

A5 91962 Parlophone A8074 ...To Love / Sweetheart

A6.. 1963 Reprise R20141... . . I Got Burned / A Tear In My Eye

A7..1963 Reprise R20176 ... . .I Wish This Night Would Never End / Don’t Put Your Heart In His Hands

A8.. 1966 Red Bird 10-057 ... . .Love Isn’t Like That**/ It Will Only Make Me Love You More

** 1963 Recording (John Tolbart Studio, Chicago)