Ral on the Radio

BBC Radio 2 plays "You Don't Know What You've Got" during "Sounds of the Sixties" show on Saturday October 12th 2002. Record is introduced by veteran British disc jockey Brian Matthew.

BBC Radio 2 (mp3)


The interview below was broadcast 'live' on FM 108 based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada on 10th February 1980. The interviewer is Norman Blakely (Norman B) for his "profiles" show. Ral was at home in Chicago and was interviewed over the telephone. Many thanks to Ral Donner fan Richard Grows for supplying the interview tape (as far as I know Richard's tape is the only copy that still exists). Richard was the one responsible for setting up this interview and was present during the recording. The main purpose was to promote Ral's new album "I've Been Away For Awhile Now" - Ral also talks about meeting Elvis. Ral's producer Mike Joseph was also interviewed. On a sad note, Norman B suffered a heart attack at his St. Catherines, Ontario home on Sunday January 19, 1997. He was 53 and the driving force behind FM 108 during it's heyday as Ontario's premier "oldies" radio station. FM 108 no longer plays "oldies". Only a small portion (4:22) of the interview is here. The entire interview ran for 27:17. If you would like the entire interview (in MP3 - 24.9MB) e-mail: tcwilson@rogers.com

Ral on FM 108 (mp3)